U-Pick Fun and Much More at Royal Oak Farm

Harvard, IL

Editor’s note: This is a personal review from 2011, your experience may vary. Originally published on Little Lake County.

We first visited Royal Oak Farm last year, and it quickly became a family favorite and our go-to destination for apple picking goodness. This family-owned and operated orchard is the real deal. Beautiful scenery, hayrides out to sprawling fields of fruit, friendly people, and a fun atmosphere for the kids. I always leave feeling fulfilled and at ease rather than the exhaustion I often feel after family outings.

Royal Oak Farm Apple Orchard

Two dozen different varieties of apples are set among countless acres of trees for you to sample, pick, and bring home beginning at the end of August and lasting through mid-October. I particularly appreciated their apple map, which indicated where each variety could be found on their land, the flavor profile, and the best uses. Be sure to check their crop report for details on what is available. And my concerns about pesticides in apples were eased by their commitment to using sustainable and safe practices which enable them to use minimal spraying to control pests, click here for details about their integrated pest management system.

Once you’re done picking your apples, head on over to their entertainment area. There, your children can play on several wooden climbing toy structures, including a tractor, fire engine, full-size dollhouses, a train, and more, admission to their play area is free. You will have to buy tokens for their special motorized attractions such as the train ride, carousel, orchard tour, and petting zoo. I usually shy away from these attractions because the money seems to add up quickly, but I find that the kids are more than happy with the free play area at Royal Oak, and just a few rides are enough for them.

Before you finish for the day, be sure to visit their gift shop, bakery, and produce barn to buy some farm-fresh goodies. You can also eat at their country restaurant, but I will warn that, on weekends, there will likely be a line to get in so go during off-hours or bring a bag lunch as a backup plan if you don’t want to get stuck with hungry kids and a long wait in front of you. I will admit that I generally dislike lines and crowds, but, despite my previous mentions, I never found Royal Oak to be overcrowded or frustrating. I think the sheer size and wide-spread layout helps here. Even if it seems like it may be busy when you’re in the parking lot, I’ve often found myself alone amongst their rows of apple trees.

Royal Oak Farm Orchard
15908 Hebron Road, Harvard, IL 60033
(815) 648-4141 | Facebook
See the website for current hours and picking schedules.

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U-Pick Fun and Much More at Royal Oak Farm

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