Little McHenry County

Sun, sand, barbeques, and fun! Summer living is our reward for surviving winter and it’s our time to live life to the fullest. Find everything you need to enjoy Summer in McHenry County as a family right here.

summer in mchenry county

Summer in McHenry County

water play in mchenry county

Summer Water Fun in McHenry County

Summer means swimming, splashing and floating away. We suggest you do all of them, weekly.

Don’t just enjoy being in the water, enjoy watching people ON the water. Shelby tells us about the amazing performers at the Wonder Lake Water Ski Show.

Outdoor Summer Fun in McHenry County

When the sun starts shining on a daily basis Midwesterners move outside, for everything. Explore the outdoor life this summer:

A summer bucket list must: The McHenry Drive-in. Shelby tells you all about this classic drive-in theater, what to expect, why to go and more!

The whole family can have a fishing adventure at Lake Julian Trout Farm (Cary, IL), where a good catch is guaranteed!

Kids of all ages will have fun at Woodstock Golf & Games.

Summer Dining in McHenry County

Outdoor dining is our reward for surviving winter. Find the best restaurants patios in McHenry County.

In summer, ice cream is a food group. Find the best ice cream in McHenry County.

Find more restaurant reviews and other Dining options in McHenry County.

Not summer? Find fun for every season: Fall, Spring, Winter, Holidays.

Summer in McHenry County