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Before moving to the suburbs, we casually took swim lessons when it fit our schedule and we focused on an affordable fun environment. After all, my husband and I could both swim and we never took lessons. When we moved to the area and realized that ponds, lakes, and bodies of water were everywhere, we quickly realized the error in our ways. Swimming was not just something that was fun, it was a life skill and a safety issue. Bear Paddle Swim School in Lake in the Hills understands this and they want to teach your child to swim in a comfortable environment so that they have skills that can save their lives.

BEar Paddle Swim School

With drowning being a leading cause of death in young children, every parent should be considering lessons for their child. They can learn the water safety skills that will fully prepare them, not only for fun times in the water, but to help themselves in the event of an emergency.  There are lots of options in our area for swim lessons and they all have something that makes them unique. For Bear Paddle Swim School what really sets them apart is their saltwater pool.

The Saltwater Generator System used by Bear Paddle Swim school not only provides a softer, velveteen feel to the water, but it’s gentler on the body. Anyone who has experienced the stinging red eyes after swimming or dealt with the drying of hair and skin know that chlorine can be harsh, especially for children with sensitive skin or lungs. The saltwater in the Bear Paddle pools is roughly ten times less than ocean water, so it doesn’t help the children float but does feel better to their skin. The system used provides a more environmentally friendly impact and avoids storing large quantities of chlorine on site.

Bear Paddle Swim School


Bear Paddle Swim school provides swim lessons and water safety training for children of all ages. Their lessons feature fun classes with small sizes designed for kids to enjoy the water while they learn. Children are motivated to keep working and move through the lessons with the skill patch rewards program. They are dedicated to helping children become safe and confident swimmers, and that happens with consistency. Bear Paddle Swim school offers swim lessons 7-days a week, year-round so that swim lessons can become a convenient and consistent part of a family’s life and routine.  Lessons are 30 minutes long and as a year-round school, they are registered on a month-to-month basis which means you can start and stop any time you like.

Bear Paddle recommends that children start swim lessons as soon as possible and their infant program starts at 6 months of age with the Teddy Bear Program. The Teddy Bear program teaches infants ages 6 to 36 months safety and survival swimming skills. Lessons focus on comfort, awareness, propulsion, and independence in the water. Young swimmers will then move on and learn to Flip to Breathe, which prepares them to survive and recover in the event of a water emergency. Parents participate in these lessons up to age 3.


Bear Paddle Swim School

Instructors at Bear Paddle Swim school are highly trained and many also carry lifeguard certification. Classes are small with 3-5 students per teacher, and private lessons are also available. In addition to regular lessons, they offer family swim nights and special needs classes. With the year-round schedule, families are able to find a time that works for them and move-up as soon as their child is ready, as opposed to waiting until the session ends. Bear Paddle understands that life with kids in unpredictable and allows families to make-up one lesson per month.

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths for infants and young children between the ages of 1-4. If you aren’t already working on swim and water safety with your children, connect with Bear Paddle today to get started! They offer open houses throughout the year and offer a free trial and tour before you start.

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