Raising Strong Daughters: A Mother-Daughter Interactive Tea Party {Crystal Lake}

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You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.
~ Melissa Etheridge

Inspiring confidence in young women can be one of the most difficult challenges that a parent can face. We all want our daughters to make good choices, foster positive friendships and have strength in difficult times. The media, Hollywood, and even your daughter’s friends give tweens mixed messages about beauty. However, YOU are your daughter’s best teacher and greatest influence; the most important lesson that we can teach our girls is that confidence is the most beautiful thing in the world.

llc-oct-1Start the conversation with your daughter about growing her self-esteem and becoming her true self on Sunday, November 13th at 3:00 p.m. at the Raue Center for the Arts in Crystal Lake. The building blocks of a woman’s confidence are in place before she is 14 years old; the sooner you start the conversation, the better. Take the afternoon to join author and life coach Alicia Marcos Birong at Raising Strong Daughters: A Mother/Daughter Interactive Tea PartyAlicia is the author of the groundbreaking book Changing the Chatter: Help Your Daughter Look Beyond the Mirror for Self-Esteem and will discuss the importance of raising a daughter with confidence and strong self-esteem.

Alicia Marcos Birong
Alicia is also the founder and owner of Changing the Chatter: Celebrating ChatterGirls and Guided Choices. Since 2013, this self-help program has encouraged young girls between the ages of 8 and 14 to positively deal with societal pressures and self-esteem and aims to inspire confident, strong young women. ChatterGirls is about Celebrating Happy, Aspiring, Truthful, Thoughtful, Esteem, Responsible Girls (CHATTER). Alicia has worked with children and adults for over 30 years as a life coach, therapist, and hypnotherapist, and has used these experiences to help change the way young women look at the world and themselves. She received the McHenry County Hero’s Award in 2014, which is given to residents who have made important contributions to their communities.

This open discussion forum and activities will take place on the stage of the beautiful Raue Center for the Arts, which will make your girl feel like a star for the day!  The conversation will encourage not only improved self-esteem for you and your daughter but will also open the lines of communication between the two of you. Delicious tea, lemonade, and cookies will be served, courtesy of Le Petit Marche.

This mother-daughter program is one of several in the Artful Women Artist Series, given throughout the year at the Raue Center for the Arts. This series is dedicated to exploring current issues that help enrich, inspire, educate and entertain audiences.

By understanding what our daughters are experiencing through supportive and honest communication, we can take steps to help them become the best versions of themselves. Why not take the time to begin this critical life lesson now?

Raising Strong Daughters: A Mother/Daughter Interactive Tea Party
Sunday, November 13th at 3:00 p.m.

Raue Center for the Arts
26 N. Williams St. | Crystal Lake| (815) 356-9212

Tickets: $25 per pair, $5 for each additional child, $15 for each additional adult.
Order tickets online by November 10, 2016.
Minimum age 8 years, please.

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