Outdoor Ice Rinks in McHenry County

Take the fun outside and twirl and skate at these local parks. Many of the locations are free if you bring your own skates. Temperatures need to be freezing or below for at least 5 days to maintain the ice. Look for Red (closed) or Green (open) flags or check with the rink owners hotline before you head out.

outdoor ice rinks in mchenry county

Please note that the condition of these ice rinks is weather dependent. Please visit the website or call the phone number before you head out to ensure that skating is open on a particular day.

Outdoor Ice Rinks in McHenry County

Find an outdoor ice rink near you:

Algonquin has two outdoor ice rinks. Please see their ice rink status page for hours and availability.

  • Snapper Field, 599 Longwood Dr
  • Willoughby Farms Park, 2001 Wynnfield Dr

Crystal Lake 
Crystal Lake Park District maintains two outdoor ice rinks. Hockey goals are set up at both rinks once the ice is cleared. Please note: the park district does not keep separate rink areas for free skate and ice hockey, but skaters tend to section it off on their own into hockey and free skate areas.

  • Main Beach, 300 Lake Shore Drive
    Park open 9 am-dusk, Lighted skating areas (lights are on 4-9 PM), restrooms available. Benches and skate mats are available once the rink is cleared
  • West Beach, 2330 Lake Avenue

  • Park open 9 am-dusk, Lighted skating areas (lights are on 4-9 PM), NO restroom

Emricson Park
1313 Kishwaukee Valley Rd., Woodstock
During the winter months, when weather conditions are appropriate, the City provides a skating area on the pond at Emricson Park, and also a designated area for sledding.  The ice conditions will be monitored by City employees on a regular basis and ‘No Skating’ signs will be posted when the ice thickness is not adequate for safe skating.  For your own safety, please observe the posted signs.

Fox Lake Ice Rink
Public skate is daily from 10:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. when the green flag is flying. No hockey sticks or pucks are allowed on the ice at this time. Hockey can be played daily from 8:30 – 10:30 p.m. when the green flag is flying.

Harvard has two outdoor Ice Rinks. Galvin Parkway and Lions Park. Lions Park is lighted and open to 10:00 p.m. when conditions are acceptable.

Jaycee Park
Silver Lake Road at Cary Algonquin Road, Cary
When temperatures are consistently below freezing and conditions allow for safe use of the ice, Park District staff will clear the rink area and signage will beckon skaters. A warming shelter and restrooms are available at the park. The rink is lighted for evening skating and closes at 9:00 pm. To check to see if the Jaycee Park ice rink and warming shelter are open, please visit the RainOut Line.

Rescue Squad Park rink is open 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. when conditions allow. Hockey is only allowed when there are no other skaters present.

Lake in the Hills
The Village seasonally maintains two outdoor ice skating rinks located at:

  • Stoneybrook Park, 617 Anderson St.
  • Sunset Park (basketball courts), 5200 Miller Rd.

A posted red flag will indicate the rink is closed and NO skating is allowed. Rinks are open sunrise to sunset. 

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