Oney’s Tree Farm

Woodstock, IL

This is a personal review originally published on Little Lake County in 2013. Your experience and amenities may vary. Please check the website before heading out.

Having a toddler makes the Holidays seem so much more magical for me as I see things through her eyes, so this year I thought it would be great fun to take her to a tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. However, my husband was not so keen on the idea of bringing a cut tree into our house as, in his words, “I do not want to watch it die a slow death in our living room all winter.” Point taken. He did suggest we get a live tree that we can plant afterward in our yard. I loved that idea, but I had some trouble finding a farm nearby that sold live trees with the root bulb attached. After some research, I discovered that Oney’s Tree Farm in Woodstock sold them, so off we went last Sunday to find our tree!

Oney’s Tree Farm, Woodstock

Oney’s states they are the oldest and largest tree farm in Illinois with over 60 acres! The farm was booming when we got there in the early afternoon but they had ample parking and lots of helpful staff members all around. We found the live re-plantable trees right at the front next to their large main barn. They had a nice selection – not huge – but definitely more than enough to choose from. They had several different types of trees to choose from as well – we ended up getting a Serbian Spruce. It’s about 5.5 feet tall and was very reasonably priced I thought – $49. The sizes ranged from small up to almost 7 feet tall. Even though our tree was mid-sized – it weighs way more than it looks! We hadn’t been standing there more than a couple of minutes when one of their friendly employees came to ask if we needed help. We showed him our choice and he gave me the tag from it to take inside to the store then he helped my husband load it into our SUV.  

There was a huge selection of cut trees of various types and sizes all ready to go, plus they have a field of trees that you can walk through to choose and cut down your own tree. They had a machine there that netted the trees for you before you left and lots of staff to help you load the tree in or onto your vehicle. If you go on a weekend, they have lots of things going on so it really makes for a fun visit to the tree farm. When we first arrived we went over to where the horse-drawn wagon rides were but they had just left. We waited in the line for a few minutes but our toddler was not enjoying that so we just walked around for a bit. They had pony rides for the kids on a pony wheel type thing and I was happy to see that the ponies looked well cared for. I believe it was an extra cost for the pony rides but the horse-drawn wagon rides were free. Also just on the weekends, they have Mrs. Claus there and you can visit her in her little house.

After walking around, we needed to make a trip into the large historic barn which housed the gift shop and bakery. The bakery had lots of yummy-looking baked goods including huge cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, and pizza too! The gift shop was a lot larger than I expected and they had all kinds of ornaments, Christmas decorations, and beautiful handmade wreaths of all different sizes. In fact, there were 2 ladies there making them right then.  

Our tree farm experience was wonderful and we will be very happy to return to Oney’s next year for our next live tree. My husband wants us to continue the tradition of getting a live tree for Christmas then planting it in our yard afterward. He calls this our new family “Tree-dition”

Oney’s Tree Farm
16608 Rt.14 Woodstock, IL 60098
(815) 338-4108 | Facebook

Oney\'s Tree Farm

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