Choosing a preschool can feel overwhelming.  You have to decide on the right type of school, find the right location, and the schedule that fits in with family life and your child’s needs. You have a lot of boxes to check off and as parents ourselves we know that every bit of information you can gather helps you check off those boxes faster and with more confidence. 

We have been putting together a parent-focused preschool guide for Lake County for the last 5 years and now we’ve brought all that we’ve learned to McHenry County. The Little McHenry County Preschool Guide has been put together with the parents’ needs at the forefront. Schools are listed by city so you can find one that is in your town or near your work. Each listing includes the type of program, ages, days and length of the day so you can weasily compare and find just wjat you are looking for. No buzzwords, no heavy-handed sales tactics here — just simple, easy to read listings. 

How did we create this guide?
We emailed almost 300 preschools and daycare centers in Lake and McHenry County. All schools were given the option to complete a form for a basic listing. The guide is made up of the responses we recieved. Schools with larger listings and images paid for those positions. 

Little McHenry County is not associated with any of the schools listed; partnerships are not an endorsement of a particular school or curriculum but are provided to give the community more in-depth information about options available. This guide is updated yearly. 

McHenry County Preschool Guide

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Barrington Area Preschools

(includes Barrington Preschools, Barrington Hills Preschools, North Barrington Preschools, Lake Barrington Preschools, Deer Park Preschools, and Fox River Grove Preschools)
bright horizons at deer park

“Thank you for being such positive role models.  Our son loves going to school at Bright Horizons and I know it is because he admires his teachers.  He feels respected and appreciated and we couldn’t ask for anything more!”

Montessori Children’s House of North Barrington
115 Clover Hill Lane, North Barrington, 60010
(847) 550-0917

Type: Montessori
Offers: 18 months- 6 years of age
Half-Day, Full-Day; Everyday
Before & After School Care
The Little Garden School
9215 Gardner Rd., Fox River Grove, 60021
(224) 357-4158

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2 year old preschool,
3 year old preschool, 
Four-Five year-olds, Pre-K 
M-W-F, Tues-Thurs, Everyday

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Cary Preschools

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School
416 North First Street, Cary, 60013
(847) 639-3041

Type: Faith-Based, Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old Preschool – 8th Grade, Full Day Kindergarten
Half-Day, Full-Day; Everyday
Before & After School Care
St. Barnabas Christian Preschool
8901 Cary Algonquin Rd., Cary, 60013
(847) 516-4171

Type: Faith-Based, Play-Based
Offers: Terrific Two’s: Friday’s 1.5 hrs. w/ Guardian
3’s M/W AM, T/TH AM or M/W/TH PM
4’s M-TH AM or PM or M/W/TH AM
Trinity Oaks Christian Academy
233 Trinity Oaks Way, Cary, 60013
(847) 462-5971

Type: Faith-Based
Offers: 3-year-old preschool through 12th grade
Half-Day; M-W-F
Before & After School Care
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Crystal Lake Preschools

barlina house preschool

Barlina House teachers go above and beyond to foster a love of learning in my daughter. I tried ALL of the local preschool facilities and Barlina House is by far the best Crystal Lake has to offer. Barlina staff have created an inviting, safe and enriching environment for children.”

Nicole M., Crystal Lake

“Our experience at Immanuel has been an absolute blessing. Our teachers have a special gift of showing children they are loved, they are children of God, and they are learners. We were so happy with Immanuel’s Preschool program that we decided there was no other choice but to continue our children in such a great community and environment

Immanuel Lutheran Parent
Montessori Pathways School
133 Illinois St., Crystal Lake 60014
(815) 459-6727

Type: Montessori
Offers: Multi-aged primary class for 3-6 year olds, lower and upper elementary for 6-12 year olds
Full-Day, Half-Day; Everyday
Before & After School Care, Lunch Bunch
First Church Preschool
236 W. Crystal Lake Ave., Crystal Lake, 60014
(815) 459-8097

Type: Faith-Based, play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old Preschool, 3-year-old Preschool, 4-year-old Preschool, Pre-K, After-Preschool Enrichment Classes
Half-Day; M-W-F, T-TH, Everyday
St. Paul’s Christian Preschool
485 W. Woodstock St., Crystal Lake, 60014
(815) 479-9770

Type: Faith-Based
Multiple Intelligence with Service Oriented Learning
Offers: 2-5 year-old preschool
Half-Day; M-W-F, T-TH, Everyday
Lunch Bunch
Thunderbird Preschool
625 Rudat Ct., Crystal Lake 60014
(815) 459-2266

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old preschools, 3-year-old preschool, 4-5 year-old Pre-K
Half-Day, M-W-F, T-TH, Everyday
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Huntley Preschools

Little Hands Home Daycare & Preschool
10212 Somerset Lane, Huntley 60142
(847) 814-3213

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old Preschool, 3-year-old Preschool, 4-5 year-old Pre-K
Full-Day; M-F

Part-Time spaces based on availability
Before & After School Care
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Ingleside Preschools

saint bede school ingleside

“Our children have attended St. Bede School’s Preschool for 4 years, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of education they receive.  Mrs. Swiss is a wonderful teacher who not only prepares the students for Kindergarten, but also meets their emotional needs and supports parents in educating the children in our faith.  St. Bede Preschool is truly a blessing!”

St. Bede School Preschool Parent
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Island Lake Preschools

Creative Playtime Preschool
3720 Greenleaf Ave., Island Lake, 60042
(847) 526-8795

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2 yr. old preschool, 3 yr. old preschool, 4-5 yr. old Pre-K
Half-Day; M-W-F, T-TR
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Lake in the Hills Preschools

District 158 Parent Tot Program
D158 Early Childhood Center/Door 4
10910 Reed Road, Lake in the Hills, 60156
(847) 659-5721

Type: Play-Based
The Parent Tot program is a fee based drop in center for parents and their children (birth-5). THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY FOR RESIDENTS OF SCHOOL DISTRICT 158 AND PROOF OF RESIDENCY IS REQUIRED.
Half-Day; Everyday

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McHenry Preschools

Joyful Noise Christian Preschool
2107 W. Lincoln Rd., McHenry, 60051
(815) 344-5888

Type: Play-Based, Faith-Based
Offers: 2-year-old preschool, 3-year-old preschool, 4-5 year-old Pre-K
Half-day; M-W-F, T-TH, Everyday
Zion Lutheran School
4206 W. Elm St., McHenry 60050
(815) 385-4488

Type: Faith-Based
Offers: 3-year-old preschool, 4-5 year-old Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade
Half-Day, Full-Day; Everyday
Before & After School Care
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Union Preschools

Little Blessings Preschool
6821 Main Street, Union, 60180
(815) 923-2733

Type: Play-Based, Faith-Based
Offers: 3-year-old Preschool, 4-5 year-old Pre-K
Half-day; M-W-F, T-TH
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Woodstock Preschools

St. John’s Lutheran Preschool
401 St. John’s Rd., Woodstock 60098
(815) 338-5185

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old Preschool, 3-year-old Preschool, 4-5 year-old Pre-K
Half-day; Everyday
First United Methodist Preschool
201 W. South St., Woodstock, 60098
(815) 338-8341

Type: Faith-Based, Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old preschool, 3-year-old preschool, 4-5 year old Pre-K
Half-Day, M-W-F, T-TH, Everyday
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Lake County Preschools

nature walk montessori

“I can’t say enough about how happy we are with our sons’ experience here. I did a lot of research. I am so happy we chose Nature Walk Montessori. The teachers are so kind, skilled, and calm. The director is extremely involved, engaged, and warm. We love Nature Walk!”

Nature Walk Montessori Parent
Da Vinci Waldorf School

“At Da Vinci Waldorf School we have found a community of friends and teachers in an environment that preserves children’s innocence, accentuates creativity and imagination and inspires a profound reverence for humankind and nature.”

Alta Vista Montessori School
1850 West Winchester Rd., Libertyville 60048
(847) 918-1621

Type: Montessori
Offers: 6 weeks – Kindergarten
Half-day, Full-Day; 3, 4, 5 days
Year Round School
Gloryland Preschool
607 W. Belvidere, Grayslake 60030
(847) 548-0112

Type: Faith-Based
Offers: 2-year old preschool, 3-year old preschool, 4-year old preschool, Pre-Kindergarten
Half-day; M-W-F, T-TH, Everyday
557 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, 60062
(224) 269-0004

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 4-5 yr. old Pre-K, Kindergarten, Kindergarten Enrichment
Half-Day, Everyday
Before & After School Care
Lunch Bunch
Little Liberty Preschool
1640 Gelden Road, Lindenhurst, 60046
(847) 356-9329

Type: Fait-Based
Offers: 3-year-old preschool, 4-5 year old Pre-K
Half-Day; M-W-F
College of Lake County Children’s Learning Center
19351 W. Washington, Room D132, Grayslake, 60030 
(847) 543-2053

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old preschool, 3-year-old preschool, 4-5 yr. old Pre-K
Full-Day, Half-Day; Everyday
Round Lake Area Park District Child Development Center
814 Hart Rd., Round Lake, 60073
(847) 546-8558

Type: Play-Based
Offers: 2-year-old Preschool, 3-year-old Preschool, 4-5 year old Pre-K
Full-Day, Half-Day; Everyday
Before & After School Care

Find the full Lake County Preschool Guide at Little Lake County.

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Not sure what exactly all those different types are? Heather breaks down the different types of preschools and what type of child/family they are good for in Choosing the Right Preschool for your Child. Get a quick look at the difference here: 

Disclosure: All decisions for this guide were made by the Editorial Staff of Little McHenry County; we apologize for any errors or glaring omissions. Promotional consideration was paid by sponsored listings as indicated. Don’t see your preschool listed? Be sure we have your current information by completing this form.

Choosing a preschool doesn't have to be hard! The Little McHenry County Preschool guide makes finding the perfect preschool in McHenry County easy!