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School has started and whenever two or more children huddle in close spaces, sharing devices or accessories, the inevitable is sure to follow: Lice. It’s every parents’ nightmare when that cringe worthy note comes home from school. Worry no more, McHenry County, Lice Clinics of America is now open in Spring Grove!

Lice CLlinics of America Spring Grove

If you don’t know Lice Clinics of America, prepare to become BFFs. We introduced owners Erin and Nick Hawn to Lake County last year, and unplanned, our writer ended up being a user of their services! She raves about the Airalle treatment and the service she received at Lice Clinics of America Vernon Hills. Lice Clinics of America takes the fear, guesswork, and elbow grease out of treating head lice and gets your children lice free, and back to school, quicker.

Lice Clinics of America is not just a comb-out service, like many centers are.  They use the FDA approved Airalle treatment system for a one and done process that beats the daily combing at home and a 7-10 day follow-up appointment. The system they use is exclusive to Lice Clinics of America and can’t be found at any other center. Using the Airalle, nits and lice are killed by desiccation (dehydration), using heated air at a very specific temperature and volume. After the Airalle treatment, they comb out the debris, then apply their non-toxic, pesticide free active rinse which is 100% effective on any live bugs that might have escaped the heat or combing. The treatment takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

lice clinics of america spring grove

How do you know if your child has lice? Identifying and diagnosing lice can be very difficult if you have never had them before. While itching is the classic symptom that everyone thinks of (I bet your itching your head right now!), only about half the people with lice ever itch at all, and most people don’t develop the itching symptoms until 4-6 weeks in! I know from personal experience, that my daughters never itched when they had lice.  We saw the lice moving when we were doing a tick check, and later confirmed the lice at a clinic.  Once you determine your child has lice the first step is: Do not panic.


It has no indication on the cleanliness of your house or your child and they do not cause disease or infection. And while they do not cause disease, they do cause stress, anxiety, social anxiety, and depending on your school’s policy, missed days of school and work. Since it also typically takes 4-6 weeks before somebody discovers lice, which means that without thorough prevention, getting lice back from a friend you may have given it to before they realize they have it, is quite easy. Lice Clinics of America’s guarantee gives you peace of mind and allows you to get back to normal life.

Normal life does not mean scrubbing your whole house or going over every surface with a hair dryer once you’ve found lice. Lice do not tend to leave the head, and when they do, they die very quickly. Most lice will be completely dead within 24 hours, but even after 12 hours, they are so dehydrated they can not feed or lay eggs and will die even if they find a host. They don’t infest the home and fomite transmission (getting lice from something rather than someone) accounts for less than 2% of cases. LCA suggests stripping the bedding of those infested and throwing it in the dryer for 30-40 minutes on high heat. It is also important to vacuum any carpeting and vacuum or lint roll your furniture, only focusing on places that people with lice have been in the last 24 hours.

lice clinis of america spring grove

I’m kind of a DIY’er, why should I pay for treatment that I can do at home?

That’s the question I’ve heard a lot, and okay, I tried myself as well. I asked Erin from Lice Clinics of America why we should use them over all the home remedies:

Olive oil, shortening, and Listerine are all common google remedies that many people have tried before they end up in our clinic still with an active infestation. Lice are pretty resilient and limited products will kill them, but the most difficult part of eliminating lice isn’t the live bugs, but the eggs which are impervious to even OTC and prescription strength treatments. The advantage to our Airalle treatment is it is the only lice treatment currently on the market that has any affect on the eggs, ending the process in just one treatment.

In addition, Lice Clinics of America Spring Grove is part of a world-wide network of clinics that have done over 400,000 successful treatments with less than a 1% re-treat rate. LCA will walk you through what is and isn’t normal to find after treatment, and offers discounted peace of mind head checks in the 30 day period after treatment (not required) if you are worried.

It’s also guaranteed! Lice Clinics of America offers a 30 day treatment guarantee on full service treatment which means the kids can go back to school after the treatment. For busy families with working parents, this is the best part of the treatment! As Jaime said in her review of the service:

The Vernon Hills Lice Clinics Of America was like a beacon of light in a post-apocalyptic landscape – maybe that’s a smidge dramatic, but I was tired of lice, ok? We left the clinic feeling relieved, hardly daring to believe that our kids were truly lice-free. But, as it turns out, not only were they completely “cured,” but also we hadn’t needed to purchase any more containers of the over-the-counter lice medication we started out with at home (2 or 3 treatments are generally needed with store-bought and prescription lice treatments) or spend the next several weeks combing through their hair for eggs.

Lice Clinics of America is now open in Spring Grove! Add them to your speed dial today, you never know when you will need it!

Discount offer: 10% off preventive products for back to school through 10/15 for Little McHenry County readers. Just mention that you read this story!

lice clinics of america

Lice Clinics of America Spring Grove
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