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Holidays take on a whole new importance when you have kids. The parties, the gift, the magic-making, it becomes your job as a parent to make it all happen. Never fear, Little McHenry County is your easy button for the Holidays. Scroll on to see our latest holiday stories and find our individual holiday pages with all the ways you can celebrate the Holidays in McHenry County, no matter what holiday that is.

holidays in mchenry county

Holidays in McHenry County

Our most recent holiday stories:

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Valentine’s in McHenry County

There’s more love than candy hearts. Find all there is to do for Valentine’s Day in McHenry County.

St. Patrick’s Day in McHenry County

st. patrick's day in mchenry county

Everyone is Irish in March! Find everything you need for a family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day in McHenry County.

Easter in McHenry County

Hop to it! We have all the Easter fun in McHenry County, including brunches, bunnies and egg hunts.

Halloween in McHenry County

halloween in Mchenry county

No Boos! about it. Halloween in McHenry County is the best time for goblins and ghouls of all ages.

Thanksgiving in McHenry County

Thanksgiving in McHenry County

Feast on favorite recipes, heirloom turkey’s and more with Thanksgiving in McHenry County.

Christmas in McHenry County

McHenry County shines brightest at Christmas Time. Find all the fun McHenry County Christmas events and activities.

Upcoming Holiday Events in McHenry County

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