Handmade Chocolate, Candy and Sweet Shops in McHenry County

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October is the month of indulgence! Instead of stealing candy from your kids’ buckets, further your chocolate game with something homemade. Shopping local is the best way to spread the love, check out these independently-owned businesses for high-quality chocolates and confections.

chocolate shops mchenry county

Handmade Chocolate & Sweet Shops in McHenry County

Mellie’s Chocolate & Co., 2 N. Williams Street, Crystal Lake | (815) 444-7552
Located in Downtown Crystal Lake, Mellie’s offers super-premium, hand-crafted chocolate, Wisconsin ice cream, and an array of nostalgic candy!

Morkes Chocolates, 11801 Main Street, Huntley | (847) 458.8585
Morkes Chocolates provides high quality and diverse tastes at affordable prices. With a history of candy making going all the way back to 1920 they still make all their confections from scratch, with all-natural chocolate, pure butter, freshly roasted nuts, and a lot of fun.

Riverside Chocolate Factory, 2102 W. Route 120, McHenry | (815) 344-6040
If you’ve traveled down Route 120 into McHenry, chances are you’ve passed the steep-pitched roof of the Riverside Chocolate Factory – it looks like an inverted ice cream cone!  For years we would zip by and think, “I wonder what it’s like?”  When we finally pulled over for a taste, my husband and I kicked ourselves for not stopping sooner. The kids love to visit in the summer for ice cream whenever we are in the area.

Anderson’s Candy Shop10301 N. Main Street, Richmond | (888) 214-7614
Anderson’s Candy Shop specializes in making the best, highest quality fudges, caramels, truffles and chocolate candies you can buy, and they’ve been doing it for 100 years! Find everything from molasses sponge candy, to gourmet truffles, fudges and even custom molded chocolates!

Photo Source: Ethereal Confections on Facebook
Photo Source: Ethereal Confections on Facebook

Ethereal Confections,  140 Cass St., Woodstock | (815) 687-0320
Ethereal Confections has just opened its brand new facility in Woodstock. Featuring entertainment space, a cozy cafe and wine bar it’s the place to be in Woodstock. They are the only bean-to-bar chocolate company in Illinois and thy use high-quality, mostly organic ingredients. They also offer confections that are gluten-free and dairy-free, but I promise you won’t miss either ingredient. Little Lake County featured them in Family-Friendly Farm-to-Table and Ethical Eats.

Did we miss your favorite candy shop? Tell us about it in the comments!

Handmade Chocolate, Candy and Sweet Shops in McHenry County

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