Five Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving in McHenry County

My kids love a good holiday craft. It’s a great way to get them in the holiday spirit and keep them out of my hair while I bake and clean. These five simple Thanksgiving Crafts will keep your kids busy before the big feast, with little mess.

Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

This paper and foam turkey doubles as a countdown to Thanksgiving or a gratitude project. You can make one feather for each day leading up to Thanksgiving or have the family write what they are grateful for on each leaf. Kristy shares who their family uses it on Little Lake County.

A thankful tree is an insanely easy craft that also aides in cleaning up your yard! Grab a bundle of branches from around the yard and a container to put them in. I used a scrap of ribbon and some cinnamon scented pine cones to dress our container up.

Use construction or scrapbook paper and make a pile of leaves. Every day, or however your family decides to do it, write something you are thankful for and hang it on the tree. Admittedly this is more a “mom” project than a kid project. However, if you have older kids who are good with scissors they could make the leaves themselves. You can also have the kids scavenge your yard for the twigs and branches you use.

simple thanksgiving crafts

While the kids are outside have them collect leaves to make art or a placemat. Freshly fallen leaves that have not dried yet are best for making pictures with little mess. This turkey was made years ago (hence the picture quality) when my son was 2. I drew the body on construction paper and he glued the leaves. Cover the whole sheet with contact paper and you have a semi-waterproof placemat.

Strips of paper are an easy way for even the youngest children to make adorable decorations. For kids that don’t use scissors parents can cut and the strips ahead of time. This one was made by my preschooler, she chose the colors and the order and we stapled them together. A clothespin on the back holds it all together.

simple thanksgiving crafts

For older kids, you could have them glue the paper to the back of the turkey body. You can find an example and instructions on Pinterest.

Handprint crafts are a great way to remember how small your children were at this Thanksgiving. For the below project, we cut out multiple colors of my preschooler’s hand. We arranged them staggered and stapled them all together.

Have your children write grandma and grandpa’s name on it and use it as place cards. The family will swoon over the cuteness and they have something they can take home.

Find more craft ideas on our Thanksgiving Pinterest Board, which also has printable thanksgiving coloring pages, dot to dots, mazes, and more all for free online.

What are you crafting this season? Comment to share some of your ideas.

Five Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

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